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How to address hairloss in early stage

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What Are We About

Our goals is do bring awareness on this pandemic (hair loss) and educate our community on how to address it.

There are so many myths about hair loss and how to address it.

We do believe the best way to address hair loss is PREVENTION and if you are already experiencing hair loss your next essential step is addressing it without delay .

At hair loss center of Boston we believe Early diagnosis | prevention + action +  commitment + patience = Results ( Long lasting one).

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Having an overview of what your concerns are before hand is something we have found has help our clients get an ease into their in clinic full consultation. During this time we will be sharing how we can help you prevent or eradicate your hair loss. After this session you will be able to book your in clinic consultation and begin your journey of getting to the root cause of your hair loss.

What We Do

Examine the hair diversity , quality , conditions of the scalp and follicular activities and make an accurate assessment. After successfully completing this step, we can establish a personalize protocol and chances of positives results. 

Some of Our services include:

  • Blood Type testing
  • Blood PH test
  • Hair analysis
  • High Frequency Treatment
  • Scalp Treatment
  • Cronial Prothesis
  • Custom Wig Unit
  • Zyto Scan


Latest News

Here you find all the latest news, facts, and helpful tools to diagnose and treat damaged hair!

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Post Test 3

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Healthy hair is the way to go.

Healthy hair is the way to go.

Relaxer is not a bad thing if the right product and technique is use. Here we use our ORGANIC RELAXER with 4 ingredients only leaving your hair strong and full from roots to end. Ask us how? You can also have color if your hair is relax.