MOST OF OUR TREATMENT ARE INFUSE WITH THIS HIGH PERFORMANCE LUXURY MACHINE “The Aquatic Mister“ takes the power of treatments  deep into the cortex of your hair providing strength/moisture from the inside out.  The result are noticeable must of the time on your first appointment

The aquatic mister

Detoxifying Scalp Treatment

A healthy head of hair start with and amazing scalp. A scalp detox is a deep cleanse for the scalp skin. It helps to remove toxins and build up from the scalp, unclogs the hair follicles, and balances our natural oils and scalp pH. Detoxing your scalp will rejuvenate and renew the hair follicles and create a perfect environment for hair growth.

Reconstructive Treatment

Intense hair repair using one of the best plant base treatment. Great for damaged or chemically treated hair, for protecting hair, or refreshing a Taming Treatment. Last 8-10 weeks. *style is not included and prices might be adjust according to hair density.

Strengthening System

This is a miracle in the bottle ( this treatment helps maintain the integrity of your hair without the additional chemical damage. Olaplex reconnects broken disulfide sulfur bonds in the hair. Hair bonds are broken during thermal, mechanical and chemical services. It aids in Making hair stronger, healthier, and will assist your color will last longer. This is a game changer like my clients said.